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The Canary Islands, are situated in a unique setting on the edge of the African Continent.

Due to their strategic position and benefiting from the Gulf of Mexico current, the Canary Islands are passageway for numerous whales and dolphins.

The most common are usually Finned and Bottlenose dolphins and somotimes different whale species eg Fin whales, Sperm whales, Risso dolphins, Spotted dolphins or Tough tootned dolphins.

Not only can we see whales and dolphins but during or trips countless sea birds eg Cory´s Shearwater, Artic Seagull or Greater Yellowleg gull.

Another thing we will see during the trips will be the emerging Fish Forming in the Canaries.

This industry is based on the sea farming of commercially popular fish – sea brean, sea bass.

The trips route is entirely within an area of SCI (Site of Community Importance) which indicates and requires at all times maintain standards of behaviour in order to care for and protect Fauna and Flora of this place.

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